Cleveland Park Dream Garden 

Design Intent: 


  • Beautify the garden with layers of plantings that provide four-season interest

  • Visually move through the garden by careful plant selection and the shape of beds. The negative and positive spaces of the beds and grassy areas are key to creating rhythm and movement in the design.

  • Fix sogginess at the bottom of the hill

Implementation: Medium and low plantings, and seasonal bulbs were added to create impact. A keyhole driveway is anchored by a majestic Japanese maple and seasonal under- plantings. The curved retaining wall is highlighted by masses of purple tulips that complement the allee of saucer magnolias and gently direct ones eye up the hill to a ‘hidden children’s garden. Below, mature cherries and dogwoods frame a garden bed of moisture-loving dawn redwoods, twiggy dogwoods and iteas. A dry river-bed absorbs excess water.