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Hawthorne Garden Design is an Award Winning design firm based in Washington D.C. committed to transforming outdoor spaces into spaces for enjoyment, activity, and relaxation. Initially started as a passion project by head designer, Tamara Belt, Hawthorne Garden Design has over 15 years of experience designing and implementing total outdoor spaces. We have a diverse portfolio and work with a range of clients- from small urban spaces to large gardens.


We use the principles of sustainable environmental design and look at gardens holistically- both spatially and temporally; we consider the past, present, and future, and integrate gardens into the larger ecosystem .  We use native plants and support native wildlife, source local materials, increase ecological resilience to create a space that is aesthetically pleasing as well as ecologically regenerative, not just responsive to the environment. For us, sustainable design does not mean imagining a utopia, or what the world could have been, but rather, integrating this utopic vision into the existing world and imagining what it could be.


A potted fern surrounded by lush plants. All in front of a large tree

It. Looks. Amazing. Love, love, love this walkway. Such a transformation. It is prettier than I had imagined. I wish we had done this fifteen years ago! Thank you. Any my dog is thrilled too! All sorts of beautiful things to be smelling.


gravel pathway leading to a bench surrounded by a lush, green no grass garden.

Tamara, owner of HGD, has both the vision and project management skills to make projects come together in a timely and budget conscious manner. She is a pleasure to work with.



hanging potted petunias on a sunny rooftop garden

I've been meaning to tell you how beautiful the hardscape, plantings and lighting look in the front of your house. Last evening it was stunning driving up around dusk with the yellow and orange leaves and your lighting.


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