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Design Intent: 

  • Create a private outdoor rear garden that matches seamlessly with the modern architecture of the house and includes eating and seating areas within a small space.

  • Update front entry walk and garden to create welcoming entrance to elegant historic home.


A double-sided custom cedar fence was designed for maximum privacy and a select blue rectangular stone patio was installed for maximum luxury.  To accommodate an existing dining table, a cantilevered bench was custom-built to maximize the space.  Single stemmed crepe myrtles were installed to visually reduce the side of the neighbor’s brick wall and to soften the garden area.  The engineered wood deck wrapped around the a/c compressor and two doors were integrated for maximum use of storage space.  A custom modern railing added lightness and modernity to the look.
In the front garden we swapped out the old concrete walk with limestone to match the original steps and exterior trim and added layers of plantings in the garden to make it welcoming and full.

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