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Design Intent: 

  • Create privacy and block the unsightly cables that ran along the side of the rooftop garden. 

  • Update and add to existing planters.  Some were deteriorating, others had old and tired plantings.

  • Enhance garden with low voltage lighting for evening functionality.


A custom Ipe fence was installed on the garden wall facing the alley and matching panels were added around the pool to create an integrated look.  The cables are now entirely concealed and the site feels cozy and inviting.  Ipe planters were designed to fit the space and create partitions between the living and dining areas.  Japanese Maples were carefully selected for these planters and will be visually interesting year-round, whether it is the beautiful foliage in summer or the graceful branching structure in winter.  Low voltage lighting was added to all the planters and also glows up the Ipe fencing and behind the Ipe panels around the pool.

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